Vintage Signs Washi Sticker Roll
Vintage Signs Washi Sticker Roll 80 pcs
Vintage Sign Washi Stickers with English and French Text
Antique Distressed Washi Sign Stickers

Vintage Signs Washi Sticker Roll 80 pcs

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These vintage sign stickers are packaged as a sticker roll, and are made of the same transparent material as washi tape.  The sticker signs include surf, cafe, food, and drink themes with English and French text.  Each sticker is die cut and peels off the roll individually.

Please note:  These stickers have weak adhesive which makes them easy to reposition.  They should not be used as tape to hold other materials.  To improve adhesion, rub firmly with a smooth bone folder after applying them.

 Quantity:  80 stickers, 8 designs
Size:  1 1/8 inch square (30mm)