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Night Sky Quote Washi Foil Stickers

Night Sky Quote Washi Foil Stickers

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Each of these Washi style stickers features gold foil script text on a dark sky watercolor background.  Some also feature hand drawn doodles to accent the text.  The text includes populate phrases and wording with themes of stars, dreams, night, and other inspiring or reflective thoughts.  They vary from playful and silly to somber.  While these stickers are made in China, most of the English text is fairly good.  A few do have grammar mistakes and strange wording.  
These stickers all have dark night sky backgrounds which contrasts beautifully with the gold foil text.  The stickers are die cut with a removable plastic liner.  
The largest sticker is 3 1/4 (83 mm) x 4 3/8 (110 mm)
Small stickers are under 2 in wide (50 mm)